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The options available today for SD-WAN alone are staggering and often cost prohibitive.

Without an experienced team, choosing the right solution for your specific needs can be overwhelming. With a strong background in software defined networking, we have the expertise and we want to share that with you. To lower the cost of doing business and increase user productivity, we have found Replify to be the SDN solution with the deepest impact for today's mobile workforce.

Focused on optimization of yesterday's unsecured data and acceleration of today's secured data, the Replify software has the most flexible integration options for a variety of verticals where these problems exist.

- The Team at Terminus Positronics

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What is Replify?

Replify produces a software-based WAN Optimization solution to help reduce bandwidth consuption and improve application performance.

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About Launch Replify

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Started in 2018, Terminus Positronics LLC is a value added reseller and systems integrator based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Terminus Positronics offers a wide variety of services ranging from DevOps management to systems integration and automation.

For more information, visit Terminus at https://terminuspositronics.com/


Our team has acquired a wealth of experience over the years in a variety of fields. Over time we have also developed strong relationships with multiple partners around the world, further expanding our toolset and capabilities. Put our skill-set to good use and let us help you launch Replify today!


We care about improving the user experience of today's mobile workforce. By setting up your own Replify infrastructure, you maintain ownership of the software and how it is deployed. We can help assess your needs and provide best practice for integrating software defined networking into your enviornment.

Our Experience

Each industry utilizes different technology yet are plagued with similar latency and network congestion issues. We have a very broad set of experiences integrating this technology in the following areas.
Backup and Replication
Is your off-site backup replication with Veeam or Carbonite slow? Want to take advantage of Veeam's wan accelerator and deduplication support? It works. Read More
Is your WITSML feed (aggregated from your sensors at the rig) timing out or slow getting to the cloud for analysis? Replify not only lowers the TTFB (time to first byte) but we have personally observed 60% data reduction. Read More
File Services
Do you experience SMB performance issues or need to improve performance of CIFS over wan? Are you trying to increase wireless throughput to storage solutions like FreeNAS or QNAP? We've done it. Read More
Have an existing OSS (operation support system) that requires tight integration over an API? We have integrated with multiple systems. Read More
Need a low footprint solution that can embed with your SBC (small board computers) or SOC (system on chip)? In our experience, Replify is the lowest footprint software stack available and it works very well on the Rasberry Pi Zero. Read More
Managed Services
Need a seemless alternative to Exinda Mobile with domestic support? We can help. Read More
Operating Systems
Need to integrate with OPNsense, OpenWRT, Debian, CentOS, Red Hat, FreeBSD, or Rasbian? We have. Read More
Product Development
Does your company want to build a new product that ties multiple network level services together with service chaining? We've done it. Read More
Wireless networks can only sustain so much throughput. Increase your throughput and keep connections ready with TCP optimized for wireless. Read More
Wireless Carriers
Would it benefit your company to lower your bandwidth usage and overcome a data cap with your wireless carrier like Verizon or AT&T? Read More

Our Services

Sell the way your customer wants to buy
Want to own it and have the expertise to manage it? We've got you covered. When you buy licenses for the Replify software, you own it. A modest Support and Maintenance yearly recurring expense ensures you get timely domestic support and continued access to software upgrades and patches.
Want to own it but don't have the experitse to manage it? You buy the licenses for the Replify software, and we manage the Linux based systems in the cloud. This gives you the flexibility to leverage the skills your team has and augment your service offering with our help.
Too many moving pieces and parts? Let us manage it all (the cloud, the data center, the servers, the software, the licensing, the configuration, the solution). We can manage the entire platform so you focus on what you do best.
While we prefer to help you build your own software as a service model, we recognize SDN requires a rich skillset. If you want to own the customer and pay monthly per client, we can establish a model that works for your applications and specific needs.
Don't know where to start? Our team has an incredibly rich skillset to help identify the right way to bolt SDN technology into your environment. The perfect fit always starts with collaboration. We can custom taylor a solution for most businesses.